Artist's Biography

If you were wondering about your artist, read on...

Stacie is from upstate New York. She's an athletic woman and former pageant beauty queen. When she was younger, she loved playing with make up and styling her thick and curly auburn hair. One day, at age 16, she noticed her hair was thinning and found a bald patch. A few short months later she was diagnosed with alopecia and all of her hair fell out - including her eyebrows! Fortunately, Stacie's positive outlook on life made this situation a breeze. She became a mentor for woman experiencing hair loss, instructing them how to style and wear wigs, put on makeup, and draw eyebrows. Stacie realizes the importance of the perfect brows to define our face and has been passionate about creating the perfect brow for others.

Not only is Stacie your microblading artist, she is rehabilitation director and medically based speech language pathologist (SLP) with a master's degree is communication sciences and disorders. While completing her graduate program, she maintained her health by training for fitness competitions, but there was one reoccurring problem at the gym - she sweat her brows off! The high quality, name brand make up never lasted. This was a daily problem she wanted to solve for herself and others. After graduation, she traveled from state to state as an SLP and landed in Texas. She remained passionate and continued her eyebrow quest. 

Microblading has only recently became popular in the last few years. People are moving away from traditional tattooing and looking for the natural brow. Stacie stumbled upon this method and immediately fell in love. Use hair-like strokes that are semi-permanent. This was the ideal solution for the brow dilemma! She began practicing for countless hours and received formal training to master the microblading method. This is her passion and she is eager to work with you to share it.