We are a semi-permanent cosmetics service that specializes in the art of microblading. This feather-like touch with the blade leaves you with a flawless finish and natural looking hair strokes. We care about the way you feel when you enter and leave our facility. With an open-door policy in communication, we consider everything you say and what you want during your experience. This is your face and we want you to feel beautiful. 


Cancellations and Deposits:

Deposits will be applied to the applied toward cost of procedure at the time of visit. 

Please provide 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling.

Deposits are nonrefundable after 24 hours without notice, but may be applied toward total cost of procedure if rescheduled. 


The business is owned and operated by Porcelain Beauty's own artist, Stacie. But she has not done it alone! Support has been given tenfold by her other half, Stan. He is an owner at AD Precision Health who has played a large role to motivate, encourage, and help a dream become reality. 


Dream of entering this industry?


The first step toward learning how to do something is seeing how it's done! Stacie offers the chance to shadow sessions where you can observe first hand how the process is done. 



  • 3 Shadowing sessions. $75 paid in full prior to shadowing.
  • Persons do not need any prior experience, but artistic background is beneficial.
  • Watch live procedures from start to finish.
  • Obtain information about basic priniciples surrounding microblading.
  • No formal training is provided with shadowing as this is observation only. 

Rules and Regulations

As we progress this day in age, rules and regulations are constantly changing. Stacie offers instructions on the latest laws, rules and regulations based on this county.


The goods

  • Cost: $25 (A steal for the knowledge you obtain!)
  • Basic requirements.
  • OSHA and DHS standards.
  • Maintenance.

Are you ready?

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